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  • Date: January 20th, 2004
  • Subject: Give Us A Hand

            So I noticed that people have actually been downloading 0.0.1 RC1. If anyone's got a live demo up, I'd love to see it running on your machine (just to see it running on someone else's box :)). Development has slowed but will pick up again to regular speeds in the coming weeks. I have started on another project (actually branched off this one), which is why I've slowed (but not stopped) work on PSI.

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  • Date: December 29th, 2003
  • Subject: 0.0.1 RC1 Released!

            0.0.1 RC1 is now available for download. The purpose of this release is to simply get something out the door, however it is essential that users send feedback with information, even if everything works 100%. Please include your operating system name and version, PHP version, output of shell comamnds 'uname -s' and 'mount', and any other information you feel appropriate to Weaseal. Thanks, and happy testing.

    update by: Weaseal

  • Date: December 28th, 2003
  • Subject: First Release

            First release will be coming soon. Currently the most important thing is for to test PHP Server Info on different platforms. I am only able to access FreeBSD-4 and Linux for my testing. Users who have trouble running should email me with the output on their system of 'mount' and 'uname -s' and any other relative information.

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